Quotes about Love

True Quote About Love: happy moments…bloomed secretly…

How the three of them must have spent some happy moments there. How love might have bloomed secretly between Supriya and Rajneesh! And now Namita was standing there in place of her friend.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love, Marriage and Relationship Quote: the fondness of her friend towards her husband…

It was obvious that she wanted to avoid Namita. She might have tried to adjust to the fondness of her friend towards her husband. But when she couldn’t , she herself moved away, to keep a distance from her and left the school. A wife had become stronger than a friend.’

‘Sad, how relationships change in this world!’

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Manipulative Love Quote: a well calculated move… relationship blooming, blossoming

Was it really love or a well calculated move?I felt and still feel that it was a perfectly manipulated relationship blooming and blossoming within the premises of the school. It was a premeditated move of a clever girl, with an eye on her bright future.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love and Past Quote: not broached the topic…everyone was over it…ruin…

She had not broached the topic at all. She didn’t want to. It was all in the past and everyone was over it. She didn’t want to bring it up again and ruin everything.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Love Vs Attraction: she loved him…another fleeting emotion of attraction…

To Natasha Rana had once been better than Brad Pitt. She had thought that she loved him. But when she saw him then, she realized that what she had mistaken as love was just another fleeting emotion of attraction.

By: Sidharth Oberoi