Quotes about Love

Expressing Happiness and Love Quote: familiar face among those strangers…

I couldn’t express my happiness at finding a familiar face among those strangers. She was so excited to see me so unexpectedly. It as fortunate that she had some work at the Botany Department related to her project for which she had come there that day and had met me by chance.

By: Bob Marley

Campus Love and Life Quote: Many sweet memories…passing through my eyes like film….

The auto was running on the road but my mind was moving much ahead of it. Many sweet memories of the campus and life there were passing through my eyes like film.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Beautiful Love Story Quote: unbelievable love story….

At that time, I had no idea that an almost unbelievable love story was awaiting me in my next school. Something that even now after so many years, I find difficult to accept.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Cute Love Quote: sober disposition, strict disciplinarian..fun-loving girl

I felt excited like the same bubbly college student I used to be once. Behind my sober disposition and the strict disciplinarian teacher a fun-loving, chirrupy girl was still alive who was desperately wishing to be there, as if a visit was going to make me relive those days.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love and Trust Quote: strange relationships…adjustments…compromises …

I thought about how strange relationships are, how loyalties change. I knew that there are ups and downs in all relationships and also that the initial days of married life require a lot of adjustments to be made. It becomes easy for a newly married couple to accept all the changes, make compromises and solve all the problems with just love and trust

By: Preeti Chaudhary