Love Quotes For Him

Falling in Love Quotes for Him: Desperately do I need you…

How much I love you, I can’t tell you

Desperately do I need you, but I can’t tell you

My heart is no more relaxed, and sleepless nights I pass

All this is what you do, but I just can’t tell you

By: Love Quotes

Love can Change for Good: change in his style of dressing…image…

There was a change in his style of dressing too. Now he came in proper uniform, hair nicely combed. On the whole, the image of what we call a ‘good boy’. We were happy that our efforts had borne fruit; we were able to bring a boy to the right track.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love can be Positive Quote: Dates and pages on the calender…

Dates and pages on the calender were changing. It was month of November. Of late, teaches had started observing a change in Akash and surprisingly it was a positive one.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love, Masti and Friends Quote: least bothered about studies…

Akash was also one such boy, least bothered about studies and only concerned about loitering and wiling away his time. He came to school just to pass a few hours in masti with friends.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love Quote on Boys: A whole lot of girls, not only his classmates…the mannerisms…

A whole lot of girls, not only his classmates but even from other sections seemed to be eyeing on him. Girls kept waiting for just a glance from him. At times, the mannerisms they adopted to attract his attention were weird.

By: Preeti Chaudhary