Inspirational Love Quotes

Truthful Love and Friendship Quote: promise to be truthful to me…No lies. No secrets…

Only if you promise to be truthful to me always. No matter what it is, you have to tell me everything. No lies. No secrets. And we will be back to being best friends.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Love is Forgiving Quote: who genuinely cared about me… so sweet..

You are the only true friend I ever had. You are the only person who genuinely cared about me, I know what I did was really bad, but…I just hope that you can forgive me. Because it’s you. You are the only person I can expect forgiveness from, even after doing all that to you,  no one else is so sweet.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Trust in Love and Friendship Quote: good chance that she would loose…take the risk…

She knew that there was a very good chance that she would loose Shreya forever if she told her the truth. But she was willing to take the risk. That was better than withholding the truth from her any longer.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Love Changes Your Life Quote: no longer about sadness and revenge…happy….

Natasha’s life was no longer about sadness and revenge. It was about little chicken burgers and movies after school. She didn’t forget anything. But other things started to take a backseat. She was happy.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

True Love and Friendship Quote; turned around and left…old times… fault…

And before he had a chance to say anything else, they turned around and left. It was like old times! Shreya had taken her side, even when she was the one at fault. But that’s what best friends do. The thought came to her mind before she could stop it. Her heart skipped a beat for she had a friend after long. Someone who would stand up for her.

By: Sidharth Oberoi