I love You Quotes

Love is a Dream: dreaming of someone… slightest attraction…

Was he in love, dreaming of someone? At this age, that was not very unusual. Even the slightest attraction towards someone can be mistaken as ‘love’. Why else was he behaving like that?

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love and Old Memories Quote: revive old memories… best hangouts…

We decided to sit somewhere and revive old memories. She took me to Nirula’s. I remembered the time when we had Great Coffee House at that place, and coffee houses used to be the best hangouts.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Nostalgic Love Quote: Reminiscence of the day…

Reminiscence of the days passed at University was still very fresh in my mind. Old memories thronged me. Nostalgia had taken me into its grip.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love is in the Air Quote: expressions unveiled their feelings…language of love…

Love doesn’t need any language. No one knew whether they met outside the school or not, but their expressions unveiled their feelings for each other. Surely they had started dating each other. Love was definitely in the air.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Madly in Love with You Quote: make me happy..brings a smile to my face..

I just wanted them there. They make me happy. They make me think about you and that brings a smile to my face. I wanted you around even when you weren’t. Natasha said in a rush.

By: Sidharth Oberoi