Funny Love Quotes

Funny Friendship and Love Quote: don’t want another scene…a pretty sight…her laughter…

‘Is he coming?’ Shreya asked.

‘In a minute,’ Natasha replied. ‘And please ask him to just keep shut the whole time. I don’t want another scene .Seriously, This time I will hit him and it won’t be a pretty sight.

Shreya suddenly burst out laughing. A few people turned to look at them and she tried to control her laughter.’What?’ Natasha whispered.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Funny Love and Friendship Quote: too busy to reply… something about bugging…

‘What?What? Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?’ he kept asking again and again. But they were too busy to reply. It was not that funny, they knew. But there was something about bugging Vicky that made them laugh even more.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Funny Love and Fight Quote: queen herself…mocked…

‘Oh.The queen herself! I must say, I’m honored by your call. How may I be of help ?’ he mocked.

‘By gracing us with your presence , maybe?’

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Sweet and Funny Love Quote: he was always well behaved….feeling was mutual…

She grudgingly admitted to herself that she had started to like his company. He had started to matter to her and she hope the feeling was mutual. She could never be sure with him because he was always well behaved. He was sweet even to those who were mean to him. So Natasha did not understand what to think about how He had been acting with her lately.

By: Sidharth Oberoi