Best Love Quotes

Love is Strange Quote: undoubtedly something in her looks…attraction…expressions, movements, actions…

There was undoubtedly something in her looks. It appeared neither love nor attraction. But she would desperately try to get noticed by him, her expressions, movements, actions and the fact that she took extra pain to attract his attention were fun to watch.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love is Knowing the Unknown: tranquility of placid sea…waves, tides and even whirlpools…

I came to know that under the tranquility of placid sea there are various waves, tides and even whirlpools which are successfully concealed. Many such things were happening around me as well, about which I had never thought of or envisaged earlier.

By: Preeti Chaudhary

Love is Forgiving Quote: expect you to forgive me…You mean the world…promise…

‘I did not expect you to forgive me. It really means the world to me. You mean the world to me. I have let you down before, but I promise that it will never happen again.’

By: Sidharth Oberoi

Beautiful Love Quote: people give meaning to our lives..matters of the heart are way too twisted…

Some people give meaning to our lives. Without them, nothing seems okay. Life seems useless. It does not really make sense at all  times. And it is not supposed to. The matters of the heart are way too twisted.

By: Sidharth Oberoi

True Love can Change All Quote: succeeding… same person…destroying people…

She wasn’t succeeding. She realized that she was not the same person anymore. She was not capable of destroying people and being happy about it anymore. She had Changed. She couldn’t go through with it.

By: Sidharth Oberoi